Feature film | Comedy | 2022

Actually, ex-cop Flo Kienzl (Pizzera) and ex-con Eddi Kovac (Jaus) don't talk to each other anymore since her sister disappeared. But now there's a new lead... Three knocked-out teeth, a dead Britney and a good-mood cluster later, the two are in the middle of a conspiracy involving greasy Russians, juicy pulled pork burgers, an ex-Miss Leibnitz and a corrupt mayoral candidate.

Screenplay: Elisabeth Schmied & Andreas Schmied
Director: Andreas Schmied 

Cast: Paul Pizzera, Otto Jaus, Valerie Huber, Elisabeth Kanettis


Director: Andreas Schmied
Screenplay: Andreas Schmied, Elisabeth Schmied
DoP: Matthias Meissl
Casting: Nicole Schmied
Editor: Gerd Berner
Production Designer: Veronika Tupy
Costumes: Theresa Ebner-Lazek
Sound: Sergey Martynyuk
Make-up: Olivia Weigelt
Composer: Paul Pizzera
Line Producer: Loredana Rehekampff
Production Manager: Viktor Perdula, Mathias Hammer

Produktion: Samsara Filmproduktion GmbH
Executive Producers: Loredana Rehekampff, Andreas Schmied


Paul Pizzera (Flo)
Otto Haus (Eddi)
Valerie Huber (Meli)
Elisabeth Kanettis (Eleni)
Gregor Seberg (Jagschitz)
Melissa Naschenweng (Trixi)

Shooting time: September 13 - October 20, 2022 in Styria and Vienna

PULLED PORK is a production of Samsara Film produced with the support of the Austrian Film Institute (ÖFI), the ORF Film/Television Agreement, Film Location Austria (FISA), Filmfonds Wien, Cinestyria and Cine Art.

Constantin Film is expected to release PULLED PORK in Austrian theaters in fall 2023.