After the ratings hit "Klammer - Chasing the Line" and the international sci-fi thriller "Rubikon", Samsara Filmproduktion is taking Austrian Pop-Stars Pizzera & Jaus to the big screen.

On September 13, the first take was made for the Austrian feature film "PULLED PORK". Successful director Andreas Schmied ("Love Machine 1& 2", "Klammer - Chasing the Line") will stage a suspenseful crime comedy with a top-class ensemble until October 20. Paul Pizzera and Otto Jaus are together in front of the camera for the first time. After numerous stages, the audience favorites are now also conquering the cinema. Also in the cast are Valerie Huber, Gregor Seberg and Elisabeth Kanettis.

The Samsara Filmproduktion would like to press the domestic public with Paul Pizzera and Otto Jaus into the cinema armchairs: Fascinating actors, an exciting story by Andreas and Elisabeth Schmied, film music by Paul Pizzera, as well as hand-picked film locations in Styria and Vienna guarantee thrills, hilarity and simply the best and broad entertainment.

The producers Loredana Rehekampff & Andreas Schmied: "We are particularly happy that we could win Paul Pizzera and Otto Jaus - for the roles Flo and Eddi - despite full schedules and numerous appearances. They fit together like a match made in heaven. Or, to stay in the genre, like a fist on an eye. On set, we were already pleased to see that in their scenes, they skillfully pass the humorous balls to each other, but always keep the drama and level high."

"Pulled Pork" shows how ex-policeman Flo Kienzl (Paul Pizzera) and freshly released port brother Eddi Kovac (Otto Jaus) race against an almost overpowering opponent: Benny Jagschitz (Gregor Seberg), a pig farmer, party animal and mayoral candidate. The latter has the best chance of winning not only among the bristles, but also among the voters. But his election campaign gets out of hand with the disappearance of Flo's and Eddi's sister. The duo, who are as crafty as they are washed-up, suspect that Jagschitz has something to do with it. But to stop the animal-breeding neo-politician, the two must get a handle on sleazy Russians, an ex-beauty queen and a Greek mother-in-law. The fact that rows and rows of juicy pulled-pork burgers are destroyed is the least of the problems.

And it wouldn't be Austria if there wasn't also a chat affair...

Loredana Rehekampff: "Paul Pizzera and Otto Jaus are not only brilliant musicians and comedians on stage - we are also sure that they will exude their incredible charm on the big screen as well - in a story that could hardly be more Austrian!"

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